Christian Holze

The Greyhound Series

February 2021

Bjorn & Gundorph Gallery is proud to announce, “Greyhound”, a site-specific installation of new works by Leipzig-based artist Christian Holze. 


In his works, Holze combines various artistic categories into hybrids: Objects, 3D graphics, sculptures, painting,s and installations. For him, exploring, elaborating, and dissolving these categories is just as essential as the fusion of analog, traditional and digital working practices.


Consumer culture in general, marketing strategies of current technology and specific luxury goods companies are as much a part of the artist’s archive and inspiration as is the supposed identity-giving qualities of their products. 


By affirmatively approaching the research topics and philosophies arising from this, Holze’s works themselves repeatedly slip into the role of the products. The artist’s concept of illusions and copies, artificial computer-generated elements, and in this case, iconography of the greyhound in the history of art, are all fulfilling Holze’s playful synthesis questioning the modern consumers - and artists - need to copy, seeking desperately for new identities, artistic expressions and designs. Christian Holze ( born 1988 ) lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. He studied media art, sculpture and painting at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, at the Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg.