Stan Van Steendam
September 24 2021

Bjorn & Gundorph Gallery is proud to present the opening of the salon exhibition ‘Saunter’ by Belgian artist Stan Van Steendam (b.1985). The exhibition introduces new monochrome works, created by the layering of dust, dirt, plaster, and epoxy on wood.

The intimacy between the artist and his craft are striking in the works, and he draws much inspiration from his surroundings, especially in the raw, barren nature of Portugal, where he currently resides.

The use of dust, earth, and other matter gives Van Steendam a liberating approach to his practice, where the materials are choosing the direction of both the shape and color palette. Desiring to be close to his materials, some elements of the new works are from the dusty road close to his studio, where the industrial waste has colored the road a dark purple.

His intuitive compositions are minimalistic and tactile, while their psychical presence encroach in the space they appear in. The new works reflect a meditative and calm mindset, which the exhibition title ‘Saunter’ is referring to as well.