Emanuel Seitz

Quiet Revelations

April - May 2021

Bjorn & Gundorph Gallery is proud to present the first solo show with German artist Emanuel Seitz. In this exhibition the artist is focusing and giving emphasis to the basic elements of painting, to form and to composition. His studies of synergy between form and spatiality in his neo constructivist language are revealing the Seitz’ intuitive and unconscious, effortless technique and his eclectic
artistic expression of configuration.

The show presents a playground of the artist’s intuitive, physical and tactile angle of working with classic elements of painting, with colors, paint, pigments, materials, and surfaces enabling the spectator to contemplate and relate to substance / no substance and imaginative narratives of his abstract art. The artist’s processual – and at times – formalistic way of painting is leaving time for both physical and meditative revelations and calm contemplations.

Seitz artistic craftsmanship and intuitive way of expressing himself are often ambiguous and laconic referring to art’s meaningfulness – and irrelevance -. “Being liberated from any constraints and intellectual philosophies making my art, it negates itself at the same time pushing itself forward from left to right, so there is an equal positive and negative which adds up to nothing.” This is exactly the feeling one experiences in the artist’s colorful, fertile, but still minimalistic compositions separated by white and grey voids expressing his symphonic and artistic anthem – the white or grey spatiality is not a nothing. It’s physically there and is not a negation of something, but merely a presence. It adds to the abstract composition and narrative giving a complex and profound experience of mental
balance and equilibrium.

The organic, monochromatic brushstrokes added the spatial synthesis reveal psychological and meditative metaphors, though Seitz himself excludes definite narratives and interpretations. He accepts the spectator’s interpretations of landscapes or nature and acknowledges their feeling of emotional revelations, but leaves all personal sensibilities up to the spectators themselves.