Group Exhibition

Kindred Spirits

Group Show presenting Emanuel Seitz, Beth Letain, Robert Janitz, Ron Gorchov, Martin Creed, Günther Förg, Ted Gahl, Frank Gerritz, Poul Gernes, Christian Holze, Julian Fickler, Maximilian Schubert, Joâo Ferro Martins, Tim White-Sobieski, Nick Theobald, Kristian Kragelund, , Søren Sejr, Mikkel Carl 



Bjorn & Gundorph gallery is proud to present to announce our second group show. The theme of the exhibition is an examination of psychological, emotional and aesthetic theories and their influence on minimalism,  neo-constructivism and abstract art in a wider context. The common denominator is a presentation of the minimalistic and constructivist language and narrative, showing the artists’ intuitive and unconscious, effortless technique and artistic expression of configuration and “how not to paint”. The gallery presents a presents a “playground” of the artists’ tactile, psychological and physical angle of working with basic elements of painting, materials and surfaces enabling the spectator to contemplate and relate to “substance/no substance”, an  imaginative paradigm and meditative art.


Abstract statements and the artists’ tactile and eclectic , artistic craftsmanship formulate a new aestheticism, a new equilibrium expressing examples of meditative art and even in some situations offering a  spiritual experience or connection to nature itself. The organic, colorful , monochromatic brushstrokes and spatial synthesis of German artist Emanuel Seitz or the seemingly playful, but nevertheless psychological metaphors of Canadian artist Beth Letain show an experimental, almost “fermental” technique of neo-constructivism and an unconventional abstract technique of painting. The supreme and pristine wall sculptures of German artist Frank Gerritz redefine light and space on a high plane of abstraction leaving time for both meditative and physical revelations; Gerritz’ works are juxtaposed and  in contrast to British artist Martin Creed’s conceptual and often ambiguous and playful installations and statements referring to both art’s meaningfulness and irrelevance . “ I find it a lot easier if art negates ifself, at the same time as pushing itself forward – so there’s an equal positive and negative which adds up to nothing, but at the same time is something too”. The same feeling one might experience in Emanuel Seitz’ colorful compositions separated by spatial white voids – the white is not a nothing. It feels more complex. It is physically there and is not a negation of something, but merely a presence…


The monochromatic application of colors on the canvasses have found a distinctive language in Robert Janitz and Ron Gorchov’s tactile and poetic expressions. The works reveal the process of painting technique and composition : through a special technique of addition of employing oil in combination with vax and flour, Janitz is a master of showing a vibrant and psychological moving dualism. Gorchov’s oil-on-linen paintings on saddle-like stretchers featuring biomorphic shapes are challenging the artistic vocabulary of traditionally painting, expressing a new minimalistic abstract grammar. They are condensed in their tactile expression similar, but of course different, to the powerful, expressionistic bee wax works of the young American artist Nick Theobald.


The spectator can in almost all situations penetrate the process of the painting’s production, read the structure of its grammar and maybe even follow which decisions are taken and in which order. In this respect they belong to minimalism. They reveal themselves to the beholder. Their effect, however, play with illusion and is highly psychological. When we immense ourselves into the work and really concentrate, we discover statements and thoughts about existence, poetically and technically interpreted by the artists. In the staged perspective on translucency and subtle opacity, colors and imaginations appear and disappear. Their existence and the spectator’s memory and unconscious mindset are evoked. Windows are opened and closed.



We are proud to showcase an exhibition, where the dialogue and interactive language of the artists are in focus. A show where artistic discipline and strict expression are exhibited aside the frivolous and abstract surrealistic.



Thomas Gundorph and Jacob Bjørn.